In February 2015 the PPR Sub-Committee agreed to assign carriage requirements on the basis of a “worst case scenario” pending receipt of the data required for the product to be evaluated.  Pollution Category X was therefore assigned, with other carriage requirements the same as for vegetable oils. Data on the product was subsequently submitted and a paper submitted to the 21st sessin of the ESPH Group proposing that the pollution category be changed to Y.  

Concern was expressed by a number of member states, however, that Used Cooking Oil, by definition, can be made up of many different products and there is no guarantee that a product offered for shipment is the same as that submitted for evaluation. It was therefore decided that the next edition of the MEPC.2/Circ. should contain 2 entries, namely a generic entry for Used cooking oil, with pollution category X, and a second entry, “Used cooking oil, triglycerides C16-C18 and C18 unsaturated”, with pollution category Y. Only if there is evidence (such as through the MSDS) that the product is the same as that described under this second entry can it be shipped as pollution category Y.