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About IPTA

IPTA was formed in 1987 by a number of like-minded independent parcel tanker operators who felt that the time had come for this sector of the shipping industry to have specialist representation in the various fora that influence their business.

IPTA has since developed into an established international representative body for ship owners around the world operating IMO classified chemical and product tankers and is recognised as a focal point through which regulatory authorities, charterers and trade organisations may liaise with such owners.

IPTA was granted consultative status as a Non-Governmental Organisation to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 1997. As such, IPTA is wholly supportive of IMO as the only organisation to determine the need for, introduce and monitor compliance with international maritime legislation. IPTA members have equal status within the Association irrespective of the size of their fleets. IPTA members are committed to the enhancement of Maritime Safety, the protection of the Marine Environment and the reduction of atmospheric pollution from shipping.