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Data Collection

Monitoring of fuel consumption, CO2 emitted and cargo carried commenced under the EU MRV system on 1 January 2018 for ships of 5,000 gt and above.  Montioring must be carried out on a voyage basis, and the data aggregaated for reporting on an annual basis to the European Commission.  EMSA has designed a moniitoring, Reporting and Verificatin system that will sit within the Thetis system and enable companies and verifiers to submit reports. 

The IMO’s Data Collection System will become effective on 1 January 2019, and under this system vessels of 5,000 gt and above will be required to collect information on the amount of fuel they consume, distance travelled and hours underway.  The data collected over the course of a calendar year must be aggregated and reported to the Flag Administration for submission to a central databse managed by the IMO.

The EU had initially indicated its willingness to align its system to a global system tht might be developed by the IMO.  The system that has now been developed by the IMO, however, is much less detailed than the EU system and will only make anonymised data available to analysis by IMO member states.  The EU, by contrast, plans to make data on the supposed efficeincy of individual ships available to the general public.  The European Commission is currently engaged on a consultation exercise to determine whether or not the two systems should be aligned.